Due to health risks both to our guests and ourselves (we are both in our 70's) we are currently closed.
We don't expect to re-open until these health risks have substantially changed.
We are sorry to disappoint our many regular guests and friends, and hope that we might see you again sometime in the future.
With best wishes from Monica and Brian

Beautiful walks direct from your doorstep

Miles of country lanes, footpaths and bridleways all lead directly from Fellside Studios’ front door

There’s something for everyone. You can walk for days on craggy mountain tops and high fells, or just stroll for an hour or so, exploring peaceful villages, river banks, and farm lanes

You can follow all our suggested walks, or invent your own, using Fellside Studios’ own walking map. For this map, Brian has painstakingly re-drawn (almost) every lane, footpath and bridleway in the Troutbeck valley — shown below is just the central Troutbeck village bit.

Our walking map covers the entire Troutbeck valley, all the way from Windermere and Ambleside right up to the Kirkstone Pass – this is just the central village bit

To view, download or print your own A4-size copy of the complete map, please click here: Fellside Studios walking map.

Using our map you can plan your own circular walks through Troutbeck village, round Troutbeck Tongue, or across Wansfell to Ambleside. There are dozens of variations, but here are a few suggestions that would make an ideal introduction for first-time visitors, but which we never tire of revisiting again and again…

Low Level Walks

The first wooden footbridge across the Trout Beck, alongside the Applethwaite stone bridge

The 'Three Footbridges' Walk

An easy 1-hour walk down the Troutbeck valley, crossing back and forth over the beck on three wooden footbridges, then up to Robin Lane, with its superb views across Lake Windermere. Mostly traffic-free and off-road, but with some short steep bits:

  1. Turn left out of Fellside Studios' front gate, and follow the lane downhill alongside the Trout Beck (river).
  2. At the main A592 road you can detour 50 yards to the left to visit Jesus Church, or immediately turn right across the first wooden footbridge to follow the protected footpath alongside the A592.
  3. After about half a mile you'll reach a bus stop, where you turn sharp right through a gate to follow the signposted bridleway steeply downhill, and then cross back over the beck on two more wooden footbridges (there's a tiny island in the middle).
  4. After the second footbridge continue up the rough path to Ford Lane Barn.
  5. Cross over Bridge Lane to Town Foot, and continue up the bridleway that starts with the driveway in front of Town Foot's beautiful oak front door.
  6. At the top of the bridleway turn left into Holbeck Lane, and then after about a hundred yards turn right at the signposted bridleway, and follow this up to Robin Lane.
  7. Turn right into Robin Lane, perhaps pausing at the wooden bench to enjoy its spectacular views over Lake Windermere, and then continue along Robin Lane to Troutbeck's village shop and tea room, and finally back down the lane to Fellside Studios.

The view from our favourite bench

An Easy Stroll to the Bench on Robin Lane

Our favourite 20-minute stroll from Fellside Studios:

  1. Turn right at our front gate and go up the lane to Troutbeck's Village Institute, Shop and Tea Room.
  2. Then climb up Robin Lane for about half a mile, to where a wooden bench (the second one you come to) sits at the perfect spot to gaze in awe across Lake Windermere.
  3. Turn left at the bench down the bridleway to Holbeck Lane where you can again turn left past the Village shop and tea room, and back to Fellside.

Jesus Church is open for quiet viewing every day of the year

A Short Circuit around Jesus Church

Another quick 20-minute circuit from Fellside Studios:

  1. Turn right at our front gate, and after 15 yards, go up the steps on the right and follow a short footpath up to the pretty square of houses at High Fold.
  2. There's a narrow bridleway hidden on the corner of this square to the right, and this leads back downhill across Scot Beck and alongside Jesus Church to the A592 main road, where you can turn right to go back up our lane to Fellside.

Troutbeck Tongue at the head of the valley

A Valley Walk to Long Green Head

This mostly flat and low-level 2-hour walk follows the east side of the Troutbeck Valley, offering excellent views of the string of Troutbeck village hamlets on the opposite side, and then crosses the Trout Beck at Ing Bridge to return to the village itself.

  1. From Fellside Studios turn left then left again on to the A592 past Jesus Church to Limefitt caravan site.
  2. Turn right into Limefitt, cross the stone bridge and go through the campsite to the Haybarn Pub.
  3. Follow the bridleway that starts behind the right hand corner of the pub, then keep left for about 3/4 mile until you pass Long Green Head Farm.
  4. Then after about another 1/4 mile, go left through a gate, and continue until you reach Ing Lane.
  5. There turn left again and follow Ing Lane across Ing Bridge and back down the valley bottom, then up a steep hill to the Queen's Head.
  6. The quickest way back to Fellside from the pub is to follow the A592 downhill for less than 1/4 mile, and turn right at the second lane on the right.
  7. Follow this narrow tarmac lane straight across the next crossroads onto a bridleway, then turn left onto the main road through the village back to the Village Shop and Tea Room, and back down the lane to Fellside Studios.

High Level Walks

Looking back from Wansfell Pike along the ridge

Wansfell Ridge Walks

These 2 or 3-hour walks start with a stiff climb to over 1,500 feet, so you'll need to be properly equipped. Rewarded by some of the very best views of Lake Windermere and the Southern Fells, and easy but exciting walking along the Wansfell ridge.

  1. From Fellside Studios turn right at the gate, then right again at the top of the lane, and follow the main road through the village to Lane Foot Farm.
  2. Turn left between the farm buildings up Nanny Lane, and continue on Nanny Lane to its end, ignoring the first footpath on the left to Ambleside via Wansfell.
  3. At the end of Nanny Lane climb a stile on the left and strike out (the path is very indistinct here) towards the highest visible point, the summit of Wansfell.
  4. From Wansfell summit follow the main ridge of Wansfell towards Wansfell Pike.
  5. At Wansfell Pike, you can head straight back to Troutbeck, taking the steep path on the left that rejoins Nanny Lane to get back within 2-hours (unless you stop at the Mortal Man Inn, 5 minutes to the left at the foot of Nanny Lane).
  6. Alternatively you can add another hour to your walk by following the permissive path that continues along the ridge, starting with a steep scramble down to the right of the wall, then over a stile.
  7. This path continues along the ridge all the way to Jenkyn's Crag, with wonderful views over Lake Windermere along the way.
  8. Turn left onto the bridleway that passes behind Jenkyn's Crag, and follow this through High Skelghyll Farm to a bridge over Hol Beck.
  9. Immediately after the bridge, go through the gate on the left and climb up to join Robin Lane, and then turn right back to our Village Shop and Tea Room.

The sign near the top of Nanny Lane

Ambleside via Wansfell Pike

This walk starts with a steep climb over the 1,500 foot high Wansfell Pike, so again please make sure you have the the right equipment with you. The return through Skelghyl Woods is much easier, but allow at least 3 1/2 hours for the complete circuit, plus extra time for dawdling in Ambleside.

  1. From Fellside Studios turn right at our front gate, then right again at the top of the lane, and follow the lane through the village to Lane Foot Farm.
  2. Turn left between the farm buildings up Nanny Lane, and climb steeply up this wide stoney lane until you see a sign for Ambleside via Wansfell (the sign should read 'Wansfell Pike') beside a metal gate on the left, just where the lane itself continues sharply to the right.
  3. Go through the gate and follow the clear footpath towards the left hand end of the high ridge which is Wansfell Pike.
  4. After pausing to get your breath and to admire the stunning views from Wansfell Pike, continue on the path over a ladder stile, down a short scramble to the left of the summit, then down the path towards Ambleside. This steep descent has now been made easier by erosion control steps, but nothing is going to change the gradient!
  5. At its end this path meets a tarmac lane, where you turn left to descend quickly towards Ambleside town centre, past yet another tempting detour at Stockghyll Falls.
  6. From Ambleside town centre follow the main Lake Road towards Windermere until you reach Hayes Garden Centre.
  7. Cross through the car park immediately opposite Hayes, turn right onto the Old Lake Road, then after 100 yards turn left at a fork next to a white house with a small patio above its garage.
  8. Follow this tarmac lane which becomes a path upwards, through Skelghyll woods, past Jenkyn's Crag, and follow this through High Skelghyll Farm to a bridge over Hol Beck.
  9. Immediately after the bridge over Hol Beck, go through the gate on the left and climb up to join Robin Lane, and then turn right back to the Village Shop and Tea Room.


This atmospheric spot is a high­light of our Three Footbridges Walk

Please take care on the fells! Even our village strolls can include slippery or exposed paths, and mist or rain can change conditions in minutes. Please always take the right clothing and equip­ment, including an OS map and compass for all High Level walks.

This area has to be heaven on earth. It is hard to find words that describe how beautiful it is.

Peter and Sue
Guests from New Zealand, in June 2011


This Troutbeck lane is the last leg of the Valley Walk to Long Green Head

We made the most of the website’s ‘beautiful walks’, and we didn't move the car from outside our door until day six

Fred & Ann
Guests from Edinburgh, June 2008

Lake Windermere From Robin Lane

Lake Windermere from Robin Lane on the route back from Ambleside

Delightful, stylish Studios, a great location, wonderful breakfasts, helpful hosts

Ruth & Judy
Guests in June 2013


The impressive bank barn opposite Townend in Troutbeck village

Breakfast on the terrace felt like the rest of the world had gone away

Doug & Gill
Guests from East Sussex, September 2003

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